Should Subsidies for Renewables be Paid out of Central Taxation?

Energy bills have been rising since 2005 which means that in the United Kingdom people are paying more and more each year for their electricity, gas and heating oil. The rise has been exacerbated by the government imposing levies on energy bills to pay for things like wind turbines and photovoltaic electric solar panels. Now it is being suggested that instead of the renewable subsidies being paid out of levies on electricity bills, they should be paid out of central taxation. Is this suggestion the right way to deal with subsidies for renewables. Continue reading

Energy Prices: no matter what we do the only way is up

In the United Kingdom the growing cost of energy has dominated the news. People must now pay significantly more for gas and electricity (and fuel oil and portable gas) than most of them ever expected to pay. The average fuel bill for a UK home is now £1350 each year. More and more people are being driven into fuel poverty and more and more people have to economise on energy. Continue reading

Why a free energy markets prevent us from reducing emissions

I wrote yesterday about who controls Europe’s natural gas (the answer was Gazprom, in turned controlled by the Russian Government).

There are problems of energy security, which impact direct on prosperity, heath and well being, which arise if a nation is not in control of their own energy. I do not think that such nations can ultimately be safe and prosper. However, there are also a adverse effects on climate change and carbon dioxide emissions that the free market creates, as well as adverse effects on fuel poverty, caused by a free market. Continue reading