Nuclear Energy in Japan

Japan has started to produce electricity from nuclear power after closing down all its nuclear power plants in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A plant with billions of dollars of safety equipment has restarted and the Japanese Government and plant operators have promised that another Fukushima will never happen again, because of all the new safety measures. Another 25 nuclear power stations have applied for permission to get back into operation.  Continue reading

The Green Deal is No Deal

The UK government has spent now four years, I think it is four years, in designing a Green Deal. When it was announced the purpose of the Green Deal was to create a means of finance for people who want to invest in energy efficiency and in micro-generation for their own homes. The concept was that there would be a loan to cover the whole cost of all approved measures by approved installers so that householders could borrow very cheaply and repay the loan out of the savings they made over the years. Continue reading

Feeding at the trough of Public Expenditure

It is useful to the environment that states and entities, like the European Union, should finance energy saving projects. The problem with state funding is that there are so many pigs at the trough and they eat so much money to fatten themselves, rather than to help the environment; it is as though a target to increase renewable energy has become an end in itself rather than as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and particulate emissions. Continue reading

Energy Savings Trust – the bias of experts

The Energy Savings Trust are floating an idea that in six years time homes which have an energy rating of “F” or “G” should not be allowed to be sold or rented out. The idea is intended to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from homes, especially emissions of carbon dioxide, and means well but there are a number of disadvantages which need to be thought through. Continue reading

Climate change and government inaction

I do not often agree with the Energy Savings Trust, which I think tends to serve as an organisation that gets more public funding than it merits, having regard to its results, but When Phillp Sellwod, Chief Executive of the Energy Savings Trust recently criticised the Government he and I were singing off the same hymn sheet. Continue reading