Leave for Warmer Climes When the Winter Comes

EDF is a French energy company. It is one of the six energy companies that control the United Kingdom’s energy supply and enjoys the rights privileges and advantages of it being part of an oligarchy. It specialises in nuclear power and has a number of nuclear generating plants which create heat by means of a chain reaction, uses the heat to make steam which drives a turbine which in turn generates electricity which in turn is fed into the national grid. The nuclear plants create nuclear waste in copious quantities which takes thousands of years to decay into a condition in which the waste in not dangerous. Continue reading

Energy Companies Campaign for Lower Bills!

The energy companies have started to campaign for lower energy bills. Of course, they have not started a campaign to make themselves charge consumers less for energy. They have started a campaign for the levies for renewable energy and for insulation which are at present added as extras to the energy bills of households to be deleted from energy bills and charged and paid for out of general taxation. This means that although an individual household’s energy bill may be lower after deducting these additional subsidy costs, an individual household’s tax will be higher so there will be no practical purpose or change. The household will end up paying exactly the same amount. Continue reading

It Will be An Expensive Winter

It is going to be an expensive winter in Britain. SSE, one of the six suppliers of energy that serve around 99% of the United Kingdom energy market, has announced that from 15 November there will be an average price increase of 8.2%. This increase is about the same level of increase that energy users had to pay this time last year when all the six oligarchic energy companies increased their prices by around 5% more than inflation. Continue reading

Immunity from Prosecution?

If I turned up on your doorstep and told you lies to persuade you to sign a contract, and you believed the lies and signed the contract and subsequently it turned out that you could prove quite easily that I had lied to you and I had deceived you, you might think that I had committed some criminal offence. Indeed, I would have committed the offence of fraud under the Fraud Act. All the prosecution need to prove that I was dishonest, that I intended to make a gain and that I made a false or misleading misrepresentation.  I could easily be shown to have an intention of misleading you, because it must have been clear that I knew I was telling you a pack of lies when I got you to sign the contract.

For some reason which I cannot understand the Fraud Act is not being applied to energy companies. Continue reading

How to Save on Fuel Bills: Solar Water Heating

The Government of the United Kingdom has announced that it will enact legislation to force energy companies to offer no more than four tariffs and to advise their customers of the cheapest tariff. At a time when energy companies are making record profits from record margins the change is long overdue. Sometime son energy companies will no longer be able to confuse customers with a plethora of tariffs and they will be forced to abandon the so called legacy tariffs under which someone that has not to time or to skill to understand that the tariff they are paying is ridiculously high. Continue reading

Pussy Footing Around

There is a great deal of big talk about climate change but when it comes to actual measures there is a great deal of pussy footing around. We talk big numbers, in terms of emission reductions, but policy is based on targets, not results, and no politician is prepared to mandate measures to prevent climate change. The government’s Green Deal is a classic example of what I mean. Conceived by the Labour Government the Green Deal was conceived as a way of enabling those who wanted to fit home insulation to be able to do so with soft loans that are paid for out of energy savings, financed by a levy on electricity bills. Continue reading

How to Confuse a Cat

The simple way to confuse any cat (or human being) is to ask the cat to choose an energy tariff in the UK. Continue reading