The Rationale for Green Policies

It seems that many people are blaming green policies for high energy costs and all our present economic woes. Green policies seem to be a convenient scapegoat. However there are good reasons why green policies should be continued, but I write those words on the basis that not all policies that pretend to be “green” are in fact useful or helpful for environmental protection. Continue reading

From London to Manchester by way of New York

When you flick through a flight magazine from any airline after you have squashed yourself into a seat you will see that airlines, almost with exception, represent themselves as great environmentalists. They are acutely aware of that the high level emissions they create are very damaging to the environment and want to improve their image and provide their passengers (who are the real culprits in the creation of airline emissions) with some comfort that they might be creating less environmental damage than is claimed. Continue reading

Emissions Trading – good for business but bad for the environment

Europe’s Emissions Trading System has been around a few years. It has had many teething problems, including some shocking cases of fraud and governmental incompetence, and I have always argued against the ETS as being fundamentally flawed. Trying to us the same kind of devices to reduce emissions that brought banks and economies to their knees is simply foolish. Continue reading

Cap and Trade emissions schemes will not save the planet from climate change

Virtually every Government and economists embraces the concept of “cap and trade” as the best way of reducing climate changing greenhouse gases emissions and the cheapest way of avoiding emissions. Governments (and economists) do not usually find the cheapest way of doing something. If they did I expect our taxes would be lower. Continue reading

Wealthy energy companies get a free gift from the taxpayers

The wealthier and more powerful that you are, the more people give you. The Queen, who has lots of money, gets a lot of presents, and Prime Ministers and Presidents, who have a lot of power get lots of freebies. Among the wealthiest and most powerful corporations are the fossil fuel energy companies so it should come as no surprise, that following an age old tradition of rewarding the wealthy and powerful, the UK government has given the fossil fuel energy corporations a massive present. Continue reading