Birthrights for sale at Copenhagen

The propaganda war about the Climate conference which will soon start in Copenhagen is hotting up. There are different strategies for different nations. Continue reading

Oil prices – where are they going?

Nearly a year ago, in the summer of 2008, the price of Brent Crude oil was around $148 a barrel. The price then fell to around $40 a barrel in January and is now standing at nearly $60 a barrel. For those of us who live in the United Kingdom and earn our money in pounds sterling, those figures do not tell us the whole story. To get a better understanding we need to translate those dollar prices into pound prices at the exchange rates that prevailed at those times. Doing that, oil was £74 a barrel last summer, £28.50 a barrel last January and is now at around £40 a barrel. Continue reading

How Green Was Mr Darling’s 2009 Budget?

On Wednesday Mr Darling presented his budget for the United Kingdom. I have listed to his speech and read the official budget papers about the environment, which are headed “Building a Low Carbon Recovery. I downloaded the document from but no doubt you can find it elsewhere. The Chancellor claims that this budget will build a economic recovery which is founded upon a low carbon economy. Continue reading

Christian Aid is lobbying for the wrong things

The Christian Aid charity is campaigning about climate change. There are advertisements in glossy magazines (I saw one in the Sky magazine) depicting poor southern Asians being flooded out of their homes by dirty flood water, with a call for readers to contact their MP to ask him to increase the emissions reductions in the Climate change bill from 60% to 80% in many years time.

The charity is clearly motivated to do their best to help the world’s poor who will be the first to suffer if the pace of climate change increases, as it seems to be. They have identified carbon emissions as the likely cause of rapid climate change, but unfortunately present emissions as the only cause, and I think that is a mistake. Over simplification is misleading.

The Christian Aid website also has a striking picture and a call to toughen up the Climate change bill, in this case by making companies report their carbon emissions. If you want you can see what I mean by clicking on   

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Climate Change Bill -Mr Benn makes the climate hotter

On the 16th November I blogged about Mr Hilary Benn boasting that his proud new  Climate Change Bill would show the world real leadership at the forthcoming Climate Change Conference in Bali. It was clear to me at the time that Mr Benn had lost the plot, as have the whole government of the United Kingdom when it comes to dealing with reducing emissions. Continue reading