Why Bother Spying?

There was a story in the newspapers today that British spies had to move out of China and Russia after the governments in those  nations decrypted communications; somehow Edward Snowden was to blame. Continue reading

Edward Snowden, Rector of Glasgow University

Students at Glasgow University have a tradition of independence. Every three years they vote for the person who will become the new Rector of the University. This year there were three major candidates, Kevin Holdsworth, Graeme Obree, and Edward Snowden. To the credit of the students, Mr Snowden (presently having sanctuary and asylum in Russia), won the vote by a large margin. Continue reading

Nobel Peace Prize for Snowden?

It is comforting to see that two members of the Norwegian Parliament have nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel peace prize. No doubt that nomination will upset the United States of America and it is worth bearing in mind that Mr Snowden did bring into the open the fact that the United States of America was carrying out surveillance on its people and on other people all over the world. Continue reading

Spying on Folks

The news that Edward Snowden has landed a job in Russia is most welcome. Some think that the man should also be awarded a medal for the work he has done in exposing how the servants of the world – the democratic governments – spy on their masters – the people- apparently to protect the people.

The latest Snowden revelation seems to be this; in the United Kingdom information from Google and Yahoo’s private networks is intercepted by GCHQ, who then passes the information to the National Security Agency of the United States of America. Continue reading

The Terrorism Act 2000

Just because a thing is legal, does not make it right. There are many laws which are not right in the sense that they are not just. If a law is not just then applying it is an act of injustice, sanctioned by the state. Continue reading