Taxing flying

A UK low cost airline, Easyjet has commissioned a report by Frontier Economics to reveal the impact of the government’s proposed Air Passenger Duty on air travel. The government has offered a number of options for calculating air passenger duty but Frontier Economics’ research indicates that all of the options that would be “bad for the UK”. Of course an airline commissions a report that it expects will support, not hinder, its lobbying for a particular type of duty on flying. Continue reading

Fear and flying and offsetting carbon

I am now back in London after a hectic week travelling. I was on an Easyjet airline and enduring one of those dreadful, crowded flights where you get bashed by cabin staff wheeling trolleys to sell unappetising looking sandwiches, and have your sleep interrupted by inane cabin announcements which are no more than adverts, I turned to the uninspiring pages of their flight magazine. 

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