Peace at Easter

For many Christians (but not all of them) Easter is upon us and is a time for celebrating suffering death and rebirth. This year the Orthodox Church celebrates Easter next week. Continue reading

A Dull Day In London

It is a dull day today in London. The news is dull, rather than being frightening, and eyes are turned towards the pavement, because there is little that looks good in the dull light that cloudy days bring at the dog days of March. The Ides of March have passed, and the Lenten sacrifices for those who observe them begin to wear thin. People look less beautiful in this kind of light; they look less hopeful and less contented.  Continue reading

A cold Easter and our greed and carelessness

The weather this Easter has been odd for Easter. Easter lambs are trapped under snowfalls as a rare cold easterly wind sends temperatures down to below freezing; Easter is early this year and Easter Sunday sees the day when the clocks are would back an hour, the start of longer evenings but the weather takes no notice. The biosphere is loaded with heat in places where it has not such year for a hundred millennia and the great oscillations have been moved fractionally to change their behaviour which has been more or less predictable for centuries. Now the oscillations are less predictable and more unpredictable. Continue reading

Keeping the Gas On

As I write these words, on the second day of Spring after a long hard cold and wet winter in London, it is now snowing and the snow is settling on the roof tops and on the cars. Spring snow is rare, not quite as scarce as hen’s teeth, but an event to be noted. Continue reading

Happy Easter

Whatever you believe or disbelieve, this is the time of rebirth, when the old creates the young and the sleeping wake up to enjoy the fruits that will freshly blossom. Happy Easter.

I hope that your Good Friday will be Good

For many Christians Good Friday is important and for much of Christianity it is celebrated today. The Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church celebrate Good Friday by using a different way of calculating when the date falls. This year the orthodox Easter falls a week later than the day upon which the other Christian Churches observe Easter.

It is also a holy time for Jews, who start their  passover at sunset on Good Friday this year. Whatever you celebrate where ever you are, I wish you peace.