Dust Rising

When I was very young I lived in Drury Lane London WC1, where the Muffin Man once lived. Drury Lane is a very narrow street, then filled with tenements and my family (all five of us) live at number 163 in one room , with a kitchen. We shared a bathroom with others in the building. Our room was on the first floor, with two sash windows overlooking the narrow busy road, which then had cafes and cheap restaurants for those visiting the theatres or the Law Courts and cheaper places to eat for those who lived there. The nearest park was Lincoln’s Inn Fields, where my mother would perambulate us. Continue reading

Memories- the Cheerful Rent Collector

In about 1953 my family moved from one room in Drury Lane to a newly completed estate in Poplar – the Lansbury estate, named after one of Poplar’s heroes. The part of the estate to which we moved surrounded the newly built Chrisp Street Market, and our part comprised of one of seven maisonettes above shops that fronted the market. From one part of the maisonette, we could see the market and the Clock Tower, and from the other part we could see a bomb site. There was a public house – the Festive Briton – on one side and Aunty Rose (we called all neighbours Aunty or Uncle in those days) and her old mother. Continue reading