Memories – Dr Van Rossum

Doctor Van Rossum was a Dutchman. Like many modern professional immigrants they find themselves working in the poor parts of their adopted homeland. Continue reading

Dr Van Rossum and Mercury Rising

When I was a little boy I was impressed by and in awe of the doctor in Poplar who used to make house calls, as most doctors did then. He was tall and his name was Doctor Van Rossum. The good folk of Poplar treated Doctor Van Rossum like a saint, as he made his house calls however busy he was,  and however poor we were, my father always took Dr Van Rossum a bottle of wine at Christmas, carefully wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper bought from Woolworths. Whenever I visited Dr Van Rossum he put his thermometer in my mouth, which he kept in a glass tube of pink liquid, having shaken the liquid off the thermometer and then shaken it some more. Continue reading