IPCC; same old thing

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has published another report. It is simply another summary, consolidation and examination of scientific papers about various aspects of climate change together with an interpretation of the overall effect of scientific knowledge and some guesses as to what will happen in the future. Although the research that has been reviewed is new, the conclusions and summary are not. Virtually none of the newly reviewed research produces any evidence that the consensus of scientific opinion that climate change is happening and is caused by human activity should be changed. Continue reading

Why we should spend on Renewable Energy

There is a kind of unreasoned hysteria which affects some people when it comes to measures to control climate change. Those who do not think climate change a threat are doomsayers; they hold that if we spend our money on solar panels and wind turbines it will bring economic ruin, as these devices are far too expensive to be justified. They argue that such expenditure will make our lives unduly expensive and make our industries and services uncompetitive. In fact the doom and gloom spread by these ideas is at least as doomy and gloomy as the doom and gloom spread by environmentalist who want to control climate change and have nations invest in clean renewable energy. Continue reading