Piecrust Promises at Doha

The UN Climate Change Conference ended, not with a bang, but a whimper. The Kyoto Protocol has been extended until 2020, but that will make no difference to a problem that will continue long after 2020. Rich nations have sort of promised to compensate poor nations for climate change. China and India will continue to be able to create emissions unfettered by even the piecrust promise of a so called binding treaty and the world will continue much as before, with a chorus of fears for the future global warming but with very few willing to do anything to remedy the problem. Continue reading

The Climate Change Conference in Doha will Achieve Nothing

The nations of the world have not displayed much common sense when it comes to tackling climate change. They have regularly met, signed documents, congratulated themselves and then gone about their business as usual. There are targets which are confused, some measures which are ill planned and badly implemented, and a great deal of talking, but the atmospheric concentration of emissions, which is something they all aim to reduce, still grow year by year and the consequences are suffered by almost everyone on this planet. Continue reading