Destroying What We have Created

It is easy for humans to create dangerous substances, or substances which have a potentially dangerous effect if created in volume, than it is for humans to destroy what they have created. Almost any nation can build a nuclear power plant, but rendering safe the toxic nuclear waste is beyond our technology; we have to compromise on safety, as the events at Fukushima graphically illustrate, where people are trying to extract the spent uranium rods and render them less dangerous by enclosing them in cooling water. Continue reading

Storms and the Concentration Camp of Gaza

Storms and high winds still rage across Britain. They have caught the attention of the news media with the occasional death and a great deal of damage. This is a natural event, although the seeds of it may be sown by the hands of humans. Four thousand miles away a storm has ravaged the concentration camp that we call Gaza, where people are imprisoned without liberty, where their food and medicine is caught in trade embargoes. The seeds of destruction in Gaza and in Israel are without question sown by the hands of humans. As in Britain, there is a short respite from the storm but it will start again. It seems a never ending cycle of storm. When one storm ends nothing is blown away; the darkness and destruction are simply deferred temporarily until they return to batter the concentration camp with more deaths and destruction.