What Great Minds Need

A great mind needs a simple compass to keep it on track. Theophilus was one such instrument. In fiction Horatio and Watson served the same purpose. A compass is not a muse, not a mistress, but a direction pointer which a great mind needs to avoid itself becoming lost in a mess of tangled thinking and vanity. Even the greatest mind left to its own devices wanders off track. Continue reading

You do not have to eat a crocodile to show that you care

It is the little things that count. Grand gestures are precisely that – gestures rather than actions. In small actions we shape our destiny and that of those around us. Words are actions, often more important actions than fluid interactions and enterprises of seeming importance. I do not discount the spoken or sung word. These can shape destinies but do so infrequently. Continue reading

The time of our species will not last forever

The same mistakes that we have made have been made many times before. We are a fragile species living in a robust world, but with all our fragility and with all the strength of the world we can by our sheer weight of numbers make such changes to the world that it will no longer support us. Thus whimpering we shall leave this place and as time turns for as long as it needs to turn, some new lives shall make the same mistakes that we have made and while making them look upon all our triumphs and all our destinies and all our discoveries and all our pleasures which shall be no more than curiosities for those that will not understand them, and to those it shall matter not.

I suppose that it will not matter to what lies beneath the surface of this small mass or which life lives on the outside.  But for a time, a time that I cannot tell, and ending time for us is merely the start of time elsewhere.