The True Cost of Nuclear Energy

Some think that nuclear energy is an important source of electricity and ought to be part of every nation’s energy generating system. Others think that nuclear energy is too dangerous to use and we should decommission nuclear power plants all over the world. I tend towards the latter view, but accept that there may be some merit in the former view. Whatever view you hold about nuclear energy everyone who thinks about it agrees that there must be a safe and perfect way of storing nuclear waste to prevent the waste being used for weapons and to prevent the waste leaking into the atmosphere or the sea or the land where it will cause harm and damage to human health and to the health of the ecosystem where the waste is stored. Continue reading

Solar Thermal and the Renewable Heat Incentive – Part 2

I have had a bit more time to digest the terms of the Renewable Heat Incentive and with help from colleagues and bog readers can correct some of my earlier statements about the RHI posted at Continue reading

Using clean renewables, dirty renewables or partly renewable technologies for renewable heat

The United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change seem to need consultants to provide fundamental advice. That is fair enough, providing that they use consultants with genuine expertise. Unfortunately the past few years has seen the growth of many firms consulting in renewable energy that do not seem to have the expertise that they need. Continue reading

The United Kingdom’s Emission Savings Transition Plan

It is extremely easy to criticise Governments for not doing enough about climate change. They have to balance the various competing demands of voters and wealthy industries and commerce against the prospect of people and businesses suffering real damage, but perhaps in many years time. Inaction is always easier than taking action when the action to be taken will be generally unwelcome and will cause inconvenience and perhaps loss of short term quality of life. Governments also have to cope with another trait of humanity; they generally do not like change. Continue reading