Death In Nebraska

It is good news that in the USA the State of Nebraska has decided to end the death penalty. The ending of the death penalty in this rather conservative state is probably partly due to financial reasons as well as to humanitarian reasons. The opponents of the death penalty there pointed out that it costs far more to execute someone than it does to simply incarcerate them for the rest of their life.  Continue reading

The Death Penalty

There are many ways of killing people and humanity seems to have a taste for death closely followed by a taste for mourning; this is what we learn from great wars. However, in peacetime, some nations kill their citizens as a result of a judicial process. I have always thought the death penalty as barbaric, uncivilised and flawed. It certainly is flawed in that mistakes happen and when a person is executed it is too late to make restitution if it is found that the person should not have been executed. Continue reading

The Re-Election of Tyrant

Mr Obama has now been re-elected for a second and final term of office. He says he has still many things to do in his presidency. I agree. Running a powerful conflicted nation like the United States is not easy. There are many interested groups that lobby for what they want and many problems in the economy which must be solved. Continue reading

Freedom of Speech

I am shocked and appalled that it is now an offence in the United Kingdom to distribute pamphlets entitled “Death penalty?” suggesting that homosexuality should be criminalised (perhaps I should say re-criminalised) and that homosexuals should be subject to the death penalty or some other punishment. There is a strong tradition of pamphleteering in this country and prosecuting pamphleteers was a field sport that I thought had become obsolete, but for governments anxious to control the moral behaviour of the governed old habits die hard . Continue reading