The Shortest Day

Today is the shortest day but only in the sense of having the smallest amount of potential daylight, Days still remain periods of twenty four hours when you count them from one period of time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky until the next period of time when it is in its highest in the sky, but here in the winter of the Northern Hemisphere outside the Arctic circle days (in the sense of those periods of time which are opposites to nights) are at their shortest this time of the year and from tomorrow will get longer and longer for six months until they get shorter once again.

People have always felt that these calendar events have some significance or mystery have significance merely for what they are or perhaps sometimes for what they appear to signify. Having a shortest day shows humanity that it is not in command of its circumstances; it must yield to another more powerful event, and although today we can disguise some of the consequences of that event as we turn on the light in our homes and turn up the central heating, the disguise is paltry. At the end of this day we can say “here comes the sun”.

These are the lights of our lives

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Closing on the shortest day

15 December today – We are just a few days from the shortest day of the year. In the Northern hemisphere the sun will rise at its latest and set at its earliest. The darkness is unwelcome. Darkness is not and has never been my smiling friend and it is not my old friend. It obscures our vision. Sometimes it is good to have our sight obscured by darkness, because when we stumble in darkness we shall be better prepared to walk in the light where we may also stumble and take the wrong path.