Floods and Fires at Nebraskan Nuclear Plants

After Fukushima the world knows that you should not build nuclear power reactors in places where there are likely to be earthquakes. The world also knows that they should not be built close to seas where tsunamis may strike. We will add to the list of places where not to build nuclear reactors and we experience things that are predictable but to which we shut our eyes. The latest places that we must add to the list are those places where there is a likelihood of flooding. Continue reading

Gordon Brown’s nuclear bomb

These days it seems that if you want to comment on a statement by the Prime Minister you have be aware that, rather like a film, the statement will be trailed, and then made, but the trailer is usually so extensive that you do not want to bother with the full version.

Today’s trailer is about a speech that Gordon Brown will make at the Confederation of British Industry. He calls for an acceleration of nuclear power. The trailer provides an extensive quote: “We must and will take the right long-term decisions to invest now for the next generation of sustainable and secure energy supplies.” Continue reading