Slinging Stones in a Glass House

The government has been trying to persuade people to pay their tax. Of course as someone famously said in New York payment of tax is only for the little people. Little people usually means poorly paid folk on PAYE. They have no choice because they cannot re-arrange their affairs in a way to mitigate tax. Richer folk can and do re-arrange their affairs and many self employed people work for “cash in hand” thus avoiding tax and usually saving their customer value added tax. Continue reading

A General Election – time to vote

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, has gone through the formalities needed to call a General Election. These formalities require getting the permission of the Queen, who will never say “no” and having done that small and fairly time consuming ceremony, Mr Brown can announce to his employers that they have a chance to dismiss him from employment on 6th May 2010. Continue reading