Copper reduces hospital infections

Hospitals used to be a place where you went to get better. In the past ten or so years some hospitals have been placed where you may get better of the disease or injury for which you were admitted but you may become ill by reason of having contracted MRSA, clostridium difficile, fungi aspergillus niger or other viruses including the influenza A – H1N1.Hospitals appear to have become lax in their hygiene routines and hospitals have been working hard to persuade health carers to wash their hands. Continue reading

Hope at Camp Hope in Chile

The story that has captured the news waves in the United Kingdom has been the rescue of los 33 – the Chilean miners who have been imprison underground for the past sixty three days and now are being hauled to safety while the whole world cheers. Continue reading

Older generations

Cyprus is one of the countries that I love. It is dusty, very hot and full of friendly people to whom hospitality is an integral part of their lifestyle.  The island was named after the copper that came from there in ancient times, and was used by the ancient Greeks to make their armour and weapons of bronze. 

My father came from Cyprus and he was brought up in a village called Amiandos, Greek for asbestos.  The old asbestos mines were created at the turn of the last century and the village of Amiandos established to serve the mines. In those days the health problems associated with asbestos were not well known and as a young boy my father, in common with other villagers mined asbestos for a Danish company that owned the mine. Continue reading