Porsches, the London congestion zone, fairness and justice

Porsche challenges Ken Livingstone over £25 congestion charge

Porsche are a very successful company that make expensive high performance cars. Its last published figures show that it sold 7.4 billion euro worth of new cars, (over 97,000 of them) made up of 39,000 911s, 26,000 Boxters and 33,000 Cayennes. It employs over 11,500 people and makes excellent profits. 

Its well designed cars high on performance and are also high on petrol consumption and high on carbon emissions. They are expensive, with a Cayenne costing £50,000 and a 911 as much as £80,000, if you buy it with all the bells and whistles. These are very expensive toys, because, after all, the whole of the UK has a maximum speed limit of 70 miles an hour so the need for a car that travels in excess of 130 miles an hour is somewhat limited. 

London (mostly having a speed limit of 30 miles an hour or 20 miles an hour) seems to be full of Porsches. It also has a congestion charging zone, invented by Mr Ken Livingstone. Continue reading