Overwhelmed by Kindness

It is very pleasant and inspiring to be overwhelmed by kindness. Such was my experience yesterday evening when I was invited to dine with one friend and twenty eight strangers but by the end of the evening I did not feel that I was in the company of strangers at all. Continue reading

Using Tags

People use convenient tags to communicate complicated concepts which save them the bother of communicating with many words because they can simply use one word. It also saves them the bother of thinking through what they want to communicate and gives them an opportunity to pretend that what they claim is better than it really is. Tags that are commonly used to express complicated concepts include diversity, immigration, racism, feminism, transparency, proportionality, sustainability, discrimination, openness – in fact you can get a list of the most popular tags by listening to any speech made by a politician. Continue reading

Imperfect expression of perfect thoughts

I try, in these essays, to formulate and develop ideas that cross my mind. It is a hard process because a thought may be perfect but the expression of it will almost inevitably be imperfect. “Ideas often flash across our minds more complete than we could make them after much labour.” Continue reading

The New Pamphleteers

Every morning (well almost every morning) I call up a blank piece of simulated paper on my computer screen and sit down to write an essay for this blog. I have written now more than 1600 of them. They have been viewed in more than a hundred countries in the world. You would expect my own country, the United Kingdom, has the most “views” followed by the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa, but I am pleased that I have a large following in the Philippines, Greece, and Germany. Continue reading