The delta lands are sinking

When a river flows it picks up all kind of debris from the act of running water over rock, subsoil and soil. Generally rivers deposit this debris, known as sediment, at their moths where they often form large deltas, like the Nile delta or the Delta of the Mississippi. Deltas are made up of many islands formed by the constant deposit of sediment, and they are kept in check by the natural action of the river which washes some of the delta land into the sea. Continue reading

When will the Colorado River run dry?

The Hoover DamIn the 1960s I was taught geography at school by Mr H C Wilks. He was a car hating environmentalist who was never afraid to state his opinions in the geography class room. We encouraged him in this because it diverted him from teaching us. He forcefully held forth on pollution caused by cars, the spoiling of the countryside and the ways in which mankind had changed the surface of the earth, most of which he regarded as mere progress, rather than improvement. Continue reading