The Minister for Energy and Climate Changes speaks

“The rich world must act first, but that won’t stop dangerous climate change unless we help the poorest countries to act too.” This was what Mr Ed Miliband said last week. You will remember that Mr Miliband, a gentleman who studied politics, economics and philosophy at university and has spent his working life in politics (apart from a brief early foray in journalism), is the Minister in Charge of the Department of Energy & Climate Change. Continue reading

Coal power stations and carbon sequestration

What a difference a few years make. A few years ago the United Kingdom Government was content to rely on market forces to provide the nation with fuel. The news is dominated by the economic crisis but at least as equally important is the energy crisis, for without energy the economy will not recover and with too much energy that depends on fuels which emits too much greenhouse gas, not only is the economic future leak, but also the future in all other respects holds problems that we may never be able to solve. Continue reading

Climate Change Bill -Mr Benn makes the climate hotter

On the 16th November I blogged about Mr Hilary Benn boasting that his proud new  Climate Change Bill would show the world real leadership at the forthcoming Climate Change Conference in Bali. It was clear to me at the time that Mr Benn had lost the plot, as have the whole government of the United Kingdom when it comes to dealing with reducing emissions. Continue reading