Climate Change – it is not our fault and it is not happening

Although the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have not yet published their latest report, governments are getting nervous about climate change. The recession has caused many governments, including that of the United Kingdom, to ask scientists to explain why global warming appears to have “paused” in the last decade. Can this “pause” be consistent with the theory of global warming? Is the planet really warming up, or are all those scientists simply wrong? Continue reading

Laxatives do not make you thin

A few years ago in the United Kingdom every Energy Minister appointed by the then Labour government could not refrain from talking about carbon capture and storage as a way of declining the rapid onset of climate change. Government time was spent talking about the concept and taxpayers’ money was spent on the idea. I have always thought that investing in carbon storage and sequestration was a bit like an obese person trying to cure obesity by taking an emetic once a year and taking a powerful laxative twice a year. By these means the obese person would remain obese, but still have the pleasure of claiming that something was being done about his obesity. Continue reading

What Higher Energy Prices Mean to A Prosperous Economy

Many people who do not consider that rapid climate change is a threat  argue that those measures taken to prevent or slow down rapid climate change are damaging to our economy, because they would make renewable energy more expensive and add a burden of cost to our economy. Continue reading

The Declining Volume of Ice At the Arctic

I reported recently that the extent of Arctic sea ice in 2013 was greater than its extent in the previous few years and how some of the media have reported this as evidence that the planet is not warming. Of course nature and climate is far too complex to be able to regard one fact as conclusive of any climate change theory; matters are complex beyond our present understanding; we can get glimmers and hints of the truth but always have to look at as many different sources as we can find. Continue reading

The Extent of Arctic Sea Ice 2013

We are approaching the time when Arctic sea ice is measured at its seasonal lowest extent. Some sources have inaccurately reported that sea ice concentration this year is the highest ever. It is not. The extent of sea ice is significantly below the average extent of sea ice from 1981 to 2010. Continue reading

Time for Harvesting

In the northern hemisphere at temperate latitudes it is the time of the year when harvests are brought in. The small proportion of people who work the land to produce the food for the vast majority of us, will reap what they have sown. Some harvests will be successful and others will fail. Some crops have and an exceptionally good year while others an exceptionally bad year. Continue reading

Climate Change, Crimes of Violence and Wars

You can blame climate change for many things; poor crop yields, prevalence of forest fires, poor summers, cold winters, good summers, warm winters, migration of some species and extinction of others have all been blamed on a climate change. Recently climate change has been blamed for rising crime. Apparently, according to some scientists, there is a correlation between rising crime and climate change and between wars and climate change. Continue reading