Climate change targets that make sense

The modern way to attempt to prevent climate change is to set a statistical target or series of targets which are desirable, or which do not push the planet beyond the bounds of desirability, and then concentrate our efforts in meeting those targets. This is the basis of the thinking behind all climate change treaties and negotiations, but it strikes me as misconceived. Continue reading

Mr Miliband’s climate change ambitions

Every few months the leaders of the Group of 8 industrialised nations (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom) meet. They call themselves the G8. The purpose of each meeting is to fix the world’s problems. It is nothing to do with the leaders getting some excellent publicity so that they may show to their electorates what a great and difficult job they are doing and the purpose is also completely unconnected with each leader showing their electorates just how much other all the important world leaders respect him or her. Continue reading

How Green Was Mr Darling’s 2009 Budget?

On Wednesday Mr Darling presented his budget for the United Kingdom. I have listed to his speech and read the official budget papers about the environment, which are headed “Building a Low Carbon Recovery. I downloaded the document from but no doubt you can find it elsewhere. The Chancellor claims that this budget will build a economic recovery which is founded upon a low carbon economy. Continue reading