An Epitaph For Humanity “It Was Not Our Fault”

Every week evidence emerges that climate change is affecting our wealth, our health and our lives but yet there seems to be a large number of people who think that climate change is some kind of conspiracy to suppress freedom or create wealth for the undeserving. Continue reading

Climate change advertisement – is it truthful?

The United Kingdom Government has spent six million pounds on a television advertisement about climate change which warns of the dangers of manmade global warming. The advertisement will run for a few months. I doubt if it will save any emissions. The six million pounds is more than has been allocated to help householders to buy solar systems for space and water heating over the past few years. Solar water heating systems will save many thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. It is an odd sense of priorities, isn’t it? Continue reading

Modelling specific regional climate changes

I wrote yesterday about how difficult climate modelling is – in fact it is so difficult that you might well wonder why we try to do it. I think that climate modelling is an almost impossible task; even if you actually manage to start to get your model right, you will discover that there is a new factor that your algorithm does not cover or covers wrongly.   Continue reading

Energy independence and freedom

I have written a great deal about energy from the climate change perspective. This has roused, from time to time, the ire of climate change deniers, who have often not bothered to read my views but argue against opinions that I do not hold. However, in all the arguments of those that think that climate change is nonsense and deny it, or those that hold it to be a no more than a trick for climate change researchers to get tax dollars, there are two points that their arguments overlook; the first is that traditional fuel supplies are finite and when they are exhausted there will be no more fuel and the second point is the desirability of energy security. Continue reading

Journalists, polar bears, caribou and climate change

There is a kind of simplistic approach that some journalists use when it comes to climate change. Some treat climate change as a religion claiming that a single very hot summer is evidence of climate change. Some are climate change deniers who can be even more fervently religious in their approach. Continue reading

Confound those politics

It is quite astonishing. Dr Chu, Nobel Prize winning physicist whom Mr Obama appointed as US Energy secretary (presumably on the grounds that he knew something about eh topics of energy and climate change) has come out with two statements which perhaps sum up the reaction of wealthy nations to climate change.  Continue reading

Don’t be unkind to climate change deniers – they fulfill an important function

There are many reputable scientists who deny the existence of man made climate change. There are also many, but fewer scientists who deny that the planet is actually getting warmer. These are perfectly reputable views, but sometimes those having them are guilty of voicing them more extremely than those who think that climate change at the pace that we appear to be experiencing today is caused by human activity. Continue reading

Climate change and climate change deniers

It is odd how some people react to the concept of climate change. In some, it makes them adopt a religious fervour of belief, or disbelief. It seems to me that both reactions are rather odd, because climate change is not a matter of belief or disbelief. It is a theory.

Now some theories are way off the mark. Continue reading