The Climate Change Bill will not change climate change

Peter Lilley is a Conservative MP and he has criticised the Climate Change Bill, working its way through Parliament, because it represents poor value. He places the cost at “up to” £10,000 per family in a blog written for the BBC’s very large and informative website, although it is unclear how the £10,000 is calculated and over what period. I suspect from reading between the lines that Mr Lilley is counting £10,000 per family over the period from now until 2050 – the Climate Change Bill’s final target date, which is a period of 41 years. If so that makes, in Mr Lilley’s opinion, £244 per family per year just very poor value. Odd that, because the website for which he writes, is put out by an entertainment organisation that costs each family in the United Kingdom at least £130 a year (under the penalty of prison if you do not pay) and more if the family has a second home or a student member living away from home watching television. Continue reading