Merry Christmas


“A poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket”

Yesterday was the first of May, which was the most important holiday to the communist rulers of the world, when they did rule much of the world. Today it is somewhat of a functionless holiday. In Britain in comes a little too early and occurs just a few weeks before another public holiday, Whitsun, now officially known under the politically correct epithet of Spring Holiday. Continue reading


Is Spring really late this year, or is it that I am impatient for the buds to turn into leaves and flowers, and the earth to warm and the skies to smell sweetly? Continue reading

Famine and Feast

It is the day before Christmas Eve and, if I were a good Christian, i would have fasted since Advent in order to prepare for the Christmas feast. Instead i have probably eaten increasingly more each day as a preparation for Christmas; it is a poor preparation for a feast. Continue reading

Christmas and Elections are coming

With just twenty four days left to Christmas and only 126 days to the next UK General Election politicians are promising the electorate presents provided, of course, they get elected. As time goes by they will vie with each oter in their promises, hoping, no doubt, that the electorate will forget that the promised presents are being bought with money that will be taken from the electorate, in that fine line between taxation and theft,which governments can decide.

Friday is Good But…

It is Good Friday today, which is the holiest day in the Christian calendar but the day does not have the same feeling, as far as I am concerned (and I write without any religious conviction or prejudice) as Christmas Day. Every day has a different feeling. The feeling that good Friday engenders is to me not clear and does not enable me to wallow in the emotion and sentiment that Christmas Day brings.

Nevertheless I wish everyone a very good Good Friday.

Our Needy Objective

Most of us in the western democracies have gorged ourselves for the past few days. We have feasted and been kept warm, most often in the compnay of those we love and those we love, even though our love may not always have been apparent in our behaviour. The Christmas feasting has ended for us, and we return to a normalcy. Continue reading