Demonstrating About Murders

Perhaps we can spend too much time demonstrating against murder. Most of us know that murder is wrong. We do not have to build a monument against murder or lecture endlessly in favour of freedom; we best show our antithesis towards violence by refusing to let violence dominant us, and by refusing tospeak endlessly about those who commit violence.  Continue reading

I am a right proper Charlie

It is a feature of religions that when they first start their adherents are persecuted by the established religion of the day, but after the new religion gains sufficient adherents the persecuted become the persecutors. When Christianity started it was sport to have the Christians provide entertainment in the Coliseum in Rome by having them face lions and gladiators for the amusement of the populace. Later, when Christianity overturned the old pagan religion of Rome, the Christians were very keen to persecute those they thought might not adhere to their orthodoxy, and invented the Inquisition which tortured people into confessing imagined sins in ways as horrible as those practised in the Coliseum. Continue reading