Celebrity Lobbying: Fry and Cameron

Celebrities and politicians can be witless fellows, no matter how entertaining they might be. Politicians have time to talk to celebrity actors who are lobbying for their own pet projects, but no time to talk to serious folk who wish to talk about matters in which they (the serious folk) have no financial advantage or behavioural interest. Continue reading

Odd Things – Events and Charity Sponsorship

Have you noticed how some people get to do quite fun things – skydiving, balloon flying, running and swimming and get other people to “sponsor” them? The sponsor agrees to pay so much money, and the money usually goes to charity. It is odd that we will give money to charity because someone has swum to Thames or run a marathon race or ridden a bicycle from John O Groats to Land’s End. The person who has had the fun of the swim or race (yes, it may be arduous but there is fun and pleasure in completing these events) also strangely gets the kudos of having “raised” so much money for charity. Continue reading

Why Should Celebrities Carry the Olympic Torch?

If you live inLondonyou see evidence of the Olympics every day. Roads are dug up so that road world will be completed in time for the games, announcements are made and no doubt there will be a rounding up of the usual suspects and homeless so that our fair city does not outwardly show any stains on its character at a time when the world is watching it. Continue reading

Celebrities and lawyers: an environmental journey or climbing on a bandwagon?

There have been a lot of people starting on an environmental journey. Celebrities have discovered just how green their life styles are and are anxious to tell us about how climate safe they are. Lifestyle magazines feature articles, often with a compendium of famous musicians, models, chefs and people generally famous for being famous.

Reading about their climate change friendly measures I get the feeling that they are praising themselves for doing in some things what we all should be doing – recycling waste oil in the case of a celebrity chef for example as they climb into their four by fours. Continue reading