Consumptions Devoutly to be Wished

The European Union is proposing regulations which will make cars much more efficient in their use of fuel. It is thought by research that if the average car consumption was 95g per kilometre of fuel, which is nearly 69 miles per imperial gallon, then consumers would save about a quarter of the money they spend in fuel. The cost of the changes that will make cars use less fuel will be recovered in three years of average driving. Continue reading

The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car Project – How to mix horsemeat with beef

People love breaking records but sometimes they try to break the wrong kind of records. Certainly breaking a world record usually means learning something but with learning you have to prioritise. It is better to learn to read than it is to learn how to disguise horsemeat as beef. Both are, of course, useful occupations but reading is more important. So it is with record breaking. For some reason a group of British engineers have their hearts set on breaking a world speed record for a car. Continue reading

Running on a cold and frosty morning

It was a cold and frosty morning, so I went running, not for long, but just to get some exercise. I could see the signs of modern heating with flumes from gas condensing boilers, this early morning. Many years ago I would have seen chimneys smoking but I did not see any at all. The air was very still and the only smoke I saw came from car exhausts as I breathed in harder to get my breath as I ran. There were some other runners on the pavement. They nodded in acknowledgement, which is a rare gesture in a London where folk keep themselves to themselves. Well wrapped folk walked slowly to their cars and started scraping the ice from windshields. I breathed harder.

Continue reading

Burning billions

It seems that in the United Kingdom we are using less petrol and diesel fuel. I have not noticed the roads getting less busy (except during the Olympics when some roads were very quiet and others choked with traffic) but the figures show that half a billion litres more fuel was sold in the second quarter of 2012 than was sold in the first quarter of 2012. Continue reading

British Gas Profits – Old Habits Die Hard

The latest announcement of profits, up by 23%, of British Gas will come as cold comfort to those that do not hold shares in Centrica, who owns British Gas. The days of Sid and ordinary folk owning their own utilities have gone, and the profits which will pay increased dividends will vanish into the wallets of those completely disconnected from those who generate those profits, the long suffering customer. Continue reading

New Circumstances Require New Laws

We all love our freedom and no one wants to be oppressed. You can be oppressed and subjugated by violence and force and threats but ultimately laws are passed which provide a framework of oppression and a legal methodology which is used to oppress, for with every oppression there is an equal and opposite reaction – the oppressor becmes free to do as he pleases. Continue reading