A Growing Population in a Shrinking World

I remember reading years ago that a landowner wanted to stock a pond, which had no fish, with carp, that magnificent specimen of European fish which grows slowly and very large, and can easily grow to be large enough to feed a big family for several days. In a normal eco system carp in Europe will slowly grow to more than 30 pounds in weight. The fish is suited to ponds because it can survive low temperatures and low oxygen water. Continue reading

Farming the Common Carp

In 1986 I visited what was then known as Czechoslovakia at Christmas time. In Wenceslas  Square in Prague there were huge concrete bowls which were empty when I arrived. The next day they were full of water and full of living carp, a traditional Christmas Eve food in central Europe. People arrived to buy the freshest of carp, choosing their living fish, taking it home and some, like my cousin kept it alive until Christmas Eve in the bathtub. Then he could not bring himself to kill the fish, so he gave it to his neighbours. Continue reading