Mr Obama is hindering the solution of the Deepwater Crisis

It is interesting to see how Mr Obama is handling the Deepwater crisis. There has been a great deal of words, threats and bullying and not a great deal in the way of positive direction. The American President thinks that his job is to snarl and threaten BP, rather than make a positive contribution to sealing the oil leak. It is posturing of the worse kind and I rather hoped that Mr Obama was better than this; clearly he is not. Continue reading

Corporate Climate Change leaders provide poor advice

The United Kingdom Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change is a body sponsored by the Price of Wales and they are concerned with climate change.  They believe that there is an urgent need to establish new and long term strategies for dealing with climate change. They are right. There is such a need. These “leaders” agree that incremental change is not going to work, and that action would benefit business by creating new opportunities so they think we need a cross party consensus on policies to cut emissions. Continue reading