Sustainable Development and Governments

The Sustainable Development Commission is abolished. Its role was to act as a watchdog and bark when the Government did not implement its sustainable development strategy within its own departments. It was supposed to ensure that the government did embed the principles of sustainable development within government decision making. I can understand why it has been abolished. Continue reading

Economic growth is a misguided policy

Some ideas seem so right and obvious that we are urged not to waste time in examining them. But a little learning is a dangerous thing-a very dangerous intoxicating drink. It has always been so and today, with a small closely interlocking world where a flu virus that infects very few and kills even fewer thousands of miles away can have an effect over billions of people over the whole world.

Economic policy of Governments is crucially important to all of us but we have a poor grasp of economics – in fact we probably live in the stone age of economics. I have no doubt that many years from now our descendants will regard present economic theory, as practised by governments across the world, with the same eyes as we today view the old discredited Ptolemaic theory that the earth was the centre of the universe.

When Copernicus proved (he did not just speculate) that the earth was simply a planet that revolved around the sun and that as it revolved around the sun the earth revolved on its axis, it was an idea that was completely contrary to the accepted wisdom of thousands of years. Continue reading

Economic growth and a steady state for the planet

Several years ago Mr Czech kindly wrote a short review of “the Energy Age”. I asked him to do this because in the course of my research I thought about economic growth and reached the view that economic growth is what everyone aspires to, but the aspiration is misguided. We have to go beyond the concept of sustainability, which is about not abusing resources, and try to target our economies to be self sustaining. Brian Czech has come up with a concept that he called “the steady state economy”, which seeks to move economies away from growth targets. For every government and most economists Mr Czech’s concept is heresy. Continue reading