What did People Vote for in the Referendum held Three Years ago?

A change of Prime Minister brings optimism in some and despair in others. Those who started with optimism usually find after a year or two that their optimism was misplaced. Those who reacted with despair usually find out that things are not quite as bad as they feared.  His key policy will be to brexit the UK  from the EU within the next three months and six days.

That is what we voted for, or was it? Continue reading

Let us Wait and See

The London Olympics are nearly upon us, but it is very hard to find out what London will be like during the games, and if you run a business or a service in London it is almost impossible to discover what the disruption will be and how to plan for disruption. Here are some of the statements issued by the great and the good in charge of the London Olympics:- Continue reading

London’s Fourth Airport?

Boris Johnson has mooted a project to build, at vast expense, another hub airport on the Isle of Grain in Kent, which would serve London and the South east. It is a foolish plan and floated without proper thought and will almost certainly sink, like a stone in the sea. Continue reading

The stars will show us how to save the planet

My city is London. I was born in London and lived most of my life there – on the East, in the South, in the West and in the North and in the centre of this city built by humanity where millions of people live work every day, and where they are born and die. My city, like all the other cities, is talking a good game on climate change. Its mayor is Boris Johnson a posh gentleman of some wealth with an entertaining mien. Continue reading

UK terrorism laws applied to things that are nothing to do with terrorism

Parliament has enacted a series of anti-terrorism laws which are being used in ways that have nothing to do with terrorism. Great care must be taken before you give the police or the tax authorities more power because they will inevitably use powers given for one reason to assist them in ways that were not intended. Since the present Government came to office they have enacted a new criminal offence for every day of the eleven years that they have been in charge. I never knew that our criminal law was so lacking or that the people of the United Kingdom were so lawless. Continue reading

Mature forests – the planet’s natural air conditioners

Everyone thinks of rain forests as important to the stability of the climate because they convert carbon dioxide into carbon, thereby sequestrating the greenhouse gas. So they are, but rain forests also play another equally important role in the climate of the planet, and this role is often overlooked. Rainforests are places which degrade energy, and this energy degradation is as important as the role rain forests play in sequestrating carbon. If this was understood better we would go to much greater lengths to preserve mature forests in all places. I shall explain how it works. Continue reading

The Hockey Stick and Climate Change

In 1998 Michael Mann and a team of other well known and highly respected climatologists drew on climate records (which have been kept since around 1850) to show the way in which the climate was changing. As scientists do, they drew a graph, which showed rising temperatures. The graph was in the shape of a hockey stick, a gentle curve at the bottom and as time progressed a violent upstanding part that was the handle of this imaginary hockey stick. Continue reading