I an anxious not to write nonsense

I have written many essays since I started this blog, almost five years ago. I am anxious not to write nonsense and it is likely that some of what I have written is nonsense. I have written an essay almost every day; the power of the internet is such that probably more than a million glimpses of my writing have been made by hundreds of thousands of people.

Most blogs are observations. I do not want to write about what I have done so I write about what I think, in the hope that it may stimulate others to think in ways that they may not have thought to think. I continue to hope that I shall not write too much nonsense.

A Day Without Much Qwertying

I will not add to the qwertying that I usually do every day, because sometimes it is good to rest awhile and think. It can be hard to think clearly, these days, without the keyboard and computer screen in front of my hands and my eyes.

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Cold Start – Overcoming Writer’s Block

I write something for every day on these pages, but sometimes my writing engine needs a cold start. This is what you can do to start writing from cold or that may work for you.

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Fireworks for the Blind

I started this blog as a good way of trying to trawl for ideas about the environment and to provide a fertilisation device for my own ideas about the environment. I could think of no better way. Writing has a permanence that does not exist in speech which most dissolves into air, leaving perhaps a seed which may flourish and grow as it is written. It matters not who does the writing, but who does the reading and the effect that the reading of the writing has on other minds. Continue reading

The New Pamphleteers

Every morning (well almost every morning) I call up a blank piece of simulated paper on my computer screen and sit down to write an essay for this blog. I have written now more than 1600 of them. They have been viewed in more than a hundred countries in the world. You would expect my own country, the United Kingdom, has the most “views” followed by the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa, but I am pleased that I have a large following in the Philippines, Greece, and Germany. Continue reading

In defence of bloggers

I have been reading more and more criticism by journalists of bloggers. They usually claim that bloggers undertake little or poor research, and have the ability to pass opinions on matters without taking responsibility for them because there is no editor to sack them and no readership to point out the errors of their ways. Continue reading

On stopping on a cold winter’s night

It is a cold still night in January. There have been few things to write about the environment right now. The universities and learned journals do not publish much this time of the year and perhaps the world was made environmentally weary and climate careless by the recent spectacle of the leaders of one hundred and ninety-two nations at Copenhagen failing miserably to agree to do anything to solve what they all consistently tell us to be the world’s most important problem. Continue reading

Blogging for the environment

Many important ideas have been with us for thouands of years. Great philosophers or great religious people have written down their ideas and that enabled their ideas to be spread and adopted. Environmental philosophy is still a tiny embryo. It needs the food of ideas, tested and examined ideas, in order to grow.

Some ideas are undeveloped and need an active and reactive audience to help formulate them and refine and define them. In ancient days the students of the academy served this function; in more more times there often happend a coming together of like minded people, at universities, schools and in religious institutions. Today the best active and reactive audience lies on the internet, and that is why I blog.

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