The air that I breathe…

“Sometimes, all I need is the air we breathe and to love you” the Hollies sang, but although we need a bit more than air, we do need air to be clean, free from pollution and of high quality. In the United Kingdom, in the face of the fresh westerly winds that gather moisture and discharge moisture and particulates into the Atlantic Ocean, we should have cleaner air than many places, but our air quality is declining and our people are increasingly suffering from disease and mortality caused by poor air quality. Continue reading

Global Warming slowed down by Aerosol Particles

Most of us have got used to thinking about climate change in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide. We have at the back of our minds that methane emissions are also a problem and that there are other greenhouse gases that humans put into the atmosphere. But climate change is not just caused by greenhouse gas emissions; there are many other factors although greenhouse gas emissions are certainly the most important factor. We have to understand, among the many factors, the impact of aerosol particles in the atmosphere. Continue reading