Believing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

Belief is a vice or virtue of humanity. What we believe shapes our actions and governs our relationships. Humans tend to prefer belief to perception and prefer belief to knowledge, because knowledge is so hard to acquire. Continue reading

An Epitaph For Humanity “It Was Not Our Fault”

Every week evidence emerges that climate change is affecting our wealth, our health and our lives but yet there seems to be a large number of people who think that climate change is some kind of conspiracy to suppress freedom or create wealth for the undeserving. Continue reading

Maintaining Disbelief

The usual tactic for someone who is losing an argument to adopt is to change the argument. Another tactic is to interrupt the person who is winning the argument and not let him or her finish. There are probably a hundred ways to appear to be winning an argument while actually losing it. Continue reading

Odd Things – Belief and Reality

It is odd how many people, companies, organisations and governments allow belief to prevail over reality. A problem can be staring you in the face but sometimes belief overwhelms reality and you do not recognise the problem, or, if belief allows you to recognise the problem, it fails to allow you to recognise the solution. Belief is a matter of feeling and reality is a matter of fact. Your beliefs may prevail where the facts are unknown or indistinct but if you allow belief to oeverwhel reality byou will make wrong decisions and ultimately come to a sticky end.

A good example of belief prevailing over reality is what is happening in the Eurozone. Governments, officials and policy makers are allowing their belief  that the euro is a good thing for Europe to prevail over the reality that for many parts of the Eursozone the Euro is a bad thing.

I do not think that the Euro will survive for long as the national currency of twenty seven nations, each with very different habits and expectations. To believe that the euro will survive is to allow belief to prevail over reality.Such is the nature of wishful thinking.

Do we really believe in Climate Change?

I have called this series of posts “Ideas for the Environment” because the starting point for all environmental protection and preservation has to be from ideas.  We are making a mess of our children’s inheritance and are self negligent trustees of what we administer for future generations. Continue reading