Lousy salmon

When I was young salmon was a luxury and cheese a stable. Today salmon is cheap and cheese expensive. The reason why salmon is cheap today is the advent of salmon farming, carried out in many countries in the world. Millions of salmon are farmed, that is to say kept in pens which are quite an unnatural habitat for a fish which has developed a life cycle involving swimming thousands of miles. Continue reading

Salmonella in eggs

Something is happing to eggs. In the United States of America 228 million eggs have been voluntarily “recalled” from an Iowa based business that has factory farmed the eggs. The US Food & Drug Administration says that there has been a fourfold increase in cases of salmonella poisoning (salmonella enteritidis). The recall apparently affects 1% of US eggs, notwithstanding the claim that the chances of eating an infected egg is extraordinarily low. Continue reading