Bank Charges

There was once, not so long ago, laws that made the charging of very high rates of interest illegal. Lending at interest is a fact of economic life and has become widespread notwithstanding the prohibitions against usury in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. When you hire the money you have to expect to pay a hire fee. However, if that hire fee is so high, so excessive, you trap people to whom you have lent, into economic servitude. Continue reading

How to complain about problems with your gas, electricity, water, telephone, council tax, broadband and similar bills and bank charges

How should you complain about problems with your gas, electricity, telephone service, council tax, broadband and other services?

I rarely complain. Mostly I am too busy and cannot be bothered. If I get upset about some poor service or a billing error or whatever, I try to get it sorted but the laws of negative returns often comes into effect and I leave it alone. Lots of people do the same. As a nation we are not very good about complaining and I think that we are becoming less effective at it because of tactics employed against complainers and as a result we are allowing the near monopolistic services (like those that provide energy or telephones or those that collect the council tax) to provide inadequate service safe behind the huge market shares that they all enjoy.  Continue reading