Don’t worry about extreme weather, says the Treasury, as well as the Advertising Standards Authority

After the Advertising Standards Agency has ruled in their wisdom that the Government exaggerated the threat of climate change, the Government are at it again, or at least the House of Commons Audit Environmental Committee is. If you apply the ratio decidendi (as the lawyers used to say – which simply means the rationale for the decision) of the Advertising Standards Authority to the Environmental Audit Committee, then the Environmental Audit Committee (as well as the Royal Society) are exaggerating climate change threats by calling for much more government spending on making homes and buildings And infrastructure projects more resilient to flooding and excessive heat. Continue reading

The Advertising Standards Authority – re arranging deck chairs on Planet Titanic

If a large ocean liner runs against an iceberg and is damaged as a result, the captain will order to crew to try to fix the damage. Indeed, if necessary, all the passengers should help to keep the vessel afloat, as their lives depend upon it. However, there will always be someone, who while most people are busy trying to keep the vessel afloat (often at great sacrifice), busies himself with re-arranging the deck chairs. When challenged, that person will defend himself with “but that is my job” which is the defence and mantra of scoundrels and incompetents.

Who are the latest people who are re-arranging deck chairs on our Planet Titanic? For me the award must go to the Advertising Standards Authority. Continue reading

Climate change advertisement – is it truthful?

The United Kingdom Government has spent six million pounds on a television advertisement about climate change which warns of the dangers of manmade global warming. The advertisement will run for a few months. I doubt if it will save any emissions. The six million pounds is more than has been allocated to help householders to buy solar systems for space and water heating over the past few years. Solar water heating systems will save many thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. It is an odd sense of priorities, isn’t it? Continue reading

Do the wheels on the bus go round and round?

Ignorance is a thing that wastes everyone’s time. I learnt of a solar panel company that exclusively used Genersys solar panels that were asked by the Advertising Standards Authority to prove that the solar panels that they use “worked in cloudy conditions”.  To a layman this might at first sound reasonable enough, but to anyone in the thermal solar industry it is a bit like proving that the wheels on the bus go round and round. I shall explain. Continue reading

A new eco friendly standard

It is easy to become an eco sceptic because so many firms are claiming an environmental benefit of using their products in an effort to sell more by pricking the public conscience. Until recently the epithet “eco” or “eco friendly” is used with impunity; the Advertising Standards Association is getting complaints and is ruling on whether it is honest to make a whole series of eco friendly claims.

A recent claim by Scottish & Southern Energy under scheme claimed that their tree planting program would “balance out the CO2 that your gas heating and house waste produces.” Continue reading