Arctic Ice melt in 2011

If you can put your mind back to the very cold winter in the northern hemisphere last winter you will remember unusually heavy snowfalls and unusually cold weather.Londonhad very heavy snowfalls for many weeks; inBavariait was exceptionally cold and inNorth Americamost cities in the north recorded near coldest ever weather. Continue reading

Arctic ice melt and how this will affect us.

Arctic ice melts and how this will affect us.

Ice at the Arctic and the Antarctic plays an important role in regulating our climate. Ice is white, and white reflects back solar radiation, instead of absorbing it. The area of ice at the poles acts as part of the very complicated control system that our planet has to keep its climate more or less as we enjoy it now. If there were no ice at the poles the world would be a far warmer place than it is today.

A large area of ice – around 20 square kilometers, has broken away from the northern part of Ellesmere Island, which is to the west of Greenland. Continue reading