Let Us Hope They Are Wrong

The Antarctic has seemed to be an anomaly in terms of climate change. Scientists always believed that the effects of rapid climate change would be most noticeable at the extremes of the planet. The Arctic and the equatorial regions of the planet showed these changes quite dramatically but the Antarctic seemed to stubbornly show no significant evidence of climate change. All however was not as it appeared, or so it appears. Continue reading

Sea Ice Extent 2014

The extent of Arctic sea ice in 2104 reached its lowest extent for the year on 17 September. It was the sixth lowest that satellite records have recorded and is very significantly lower than the annual average ice extent recorded by the same means between 1981 and 2010, so it is clear that the trend for Arctic sea ice extent in summer is falling. Continue reading

Put Your Fingers in Your Ears and Sing “La la la”

If the whole of the ice at Antarctica were to melt sea levels would rise (it is estimated by scientists) by 58 metres. Of course the whole of the ice at Antarctica will not melt in the foreseeable future, but the continent is shedding ice more quickly than we previously thought. Continue reading

Ice in the Antarctic

The most dramatic and immediate evidence of climate change is to be found at the extremes of the planet. The ice at the poles and the conditions in the tropics show most vividly how our climate is changing. Tropics are increasingly becoming deserts and the poles are losing their ice cover. Continue reading

The new massive Antarctic iceberg

If you sit at your computer pounding away to write articles or books for mass consumption it is quite easy to believe that your world is the entire world. Just as politicians and political journalists thinks the events of the Westminster Village are the most important, so the writer chained to a machine ends up a bit like those people of whom Plato speculated, sitting cross legged on the floor of the cave watching the shadows of the outside world and imagining those shadows to comprise the extent of all reality. Continue reading

Ice is melting in the Antarctic

In Europe Spring has arrived and summer is on its way, as the days get longer. We will soon be drinking cold drinks with ice cubes, to cool the drink. If you watch an ice cube melting in the drink it seems to stay unaffected by heat for longer than you would expect. Then, almost suddenly, the ice is all gone (unless you drink all the drink), and what was solid cubes of ice are liquid. Continue reading

Mercury in the air

Humans like to dump things, and they are often quite careless about what they dump. Because the effect is perceived as being unharmful at the time of dumping, and because dumping usually involves the least cost and the least effort, we have end up dumping carbon dioxide and heavy metals almost as a matter of course, not recognising the problem until it threatens to overwhelm us. Continue reading