Arctic meltdown is more important than economic meltdown

The atlases and globes that we have used and looked at for many years will change. The large areas of white, depicting ice at the north and south poles will, in more modern maps and charts, shrink and will be displaced by larger areas of blue. The ice is turning into sea. Continue reading

BP’s profits warm the ice in the Arctic

Yesterday day when BP announced its latest quarterly profits to have doubled to over ten billion US dollars based on current replacement costs. BP marketed itself as and environmentally friendly eco company -“Beyond Petroleum” at one time but these profits are all about petroleum and are very much money won by BP on the lottery that is the international oil market. It is a lottery, but companies like BP bought the ticket years ago and find their profits rise and fall according to an oil price that is partially related to demand and partially related to a market perception of future demand. Continue reading

Looking at clouds from both sides and up and down

The Pacific Ocean is not only the largest continuous body of water on this planet but it has the largest continuous bodies of water in the skies above it – the clouds in the sky. Some of them as bigger than some of our continents and clouds are one of the many things that keep the climate of our planet stable enough to support human life.

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