The fear mongers of climate change

James Lovelock made his mark in developing the Gaia theory that the earth is a single organism. I never found that theory satisfactory. The earth, he thought, was a giant self-regulating whole, which adapts and responds to changes with all the forms of life that inhabit it. Perhaps I have over simplified Gaia theory, but to me if the theory is true then we need not worry about climate change. Continue reading

Al Gore, climate change and the art of the possible

Al Gore has done a great deal to raise awareness of global warming. He failed in his bid to become President of the United States but succeeded in publicising “An Inconvenient Truth” which reached millions of people with its message. Mr Gore succeeded in either creating or adopting a phrase which grasped hold of the imagination and it did not matter too much that his book and his film contained some inaccuracies, or that the title itself portrayed as simple truth what is a complex interweaving of postulations. Continue reading