A Calm Day in London

It is a calm day in London but elsewhere in the world there is much turbulence. In South Carolina, Continue reading

Highs and Lows

When you want to get something done you may do it yourself or you may hire someone to do it, but if you choose to hire someone make sure that they can do the task. Continue reading

Exit, Pursued by ISIS

No good deed is said to go unpunished but many attempts to do good deeds are thwarted by the treat of punishment or actual punishment. Antigonus learned that, no doubt cursing as the bear chased him away from the baby. In world affairs an attempts to do a good deed, remove dictators and replace them with democratically elected politicians, we have seen that the attempt to do a good deeds have been chased away by larger less predictable and more serious threats. as the democratically elected leaders who replaced dictators are being chased away by ISIS. Continue reading

You Must Have an Enemy

Whoever you are and whatever you are you must have an enemy. If you are simply living a life sooner or later you will find an enemy or one will be thrust upon you. If you are a nation there will be an enemy and if there is not one your leaders will invent one for you. Continue reading

We Should Be Ashamed

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, it is said. However there are more evil intentions in hell’s pathway than there are good intentions. Outcomes may be not what have been intended, and this may cause misery and suffering, but this is a result of lesser sins, a such as pride, arrogance and the belief that the person upon whose intent the policy has been formed is cleverer and more perceptive than that person really is. Continue reading

The Balance Sheet of Death

Traditionally dictators and tyrants keep good order over the nations they rule, because to do otherwise would put their rule in peril. Once the tyrant is deposed new potential tyrants emerge and the nation suffers civil war and destruction until one tyrant manages to seize power. Continue reading

The Nation State of Terrorism

How did this happen? For twenty years we have been told that terrorism is the greatest threat to our well being. As a result we have patiently queued at airports, taking off our shoes and boots, submitting to personal searches and suffered the inconvenience of wasting time and the inelegance of looking slightly ridiculous as we sought to avoid the terrorist threat. Our leaders have solemnly told us that we must fight wars in places like Afghanistan, depose tyrannical leaders in other places all to avoid the terrorist threat. We did so resulting in the deaths of so many of our soldiers and even so more many civilians including babies killed by our bombing dispossessed by our policies and actions. Continue reading

Few Refugees live in a Place of Refuge

Progress is something that humans do and generally progress is thought to be a good thing. But humans fail to understand that you can progress more easily in the wrong direction than you can in the right direction. The latest achievement of human progress is the estimate by the United Nations that there are 51.2 million people living as refugees from war or persecution and that this figure is the highest since the end of the Second World War. Continue reading

Causes Too Good To Fight For

It is almost as if the world has forgotten that the civil war in Syria continues to kill destroy and overturn the lives of millions of Syrians. Many, if not most nations indulge in civil wars, from the greatest most powerful to the small nations without international power. Virtually every intrusion by the Western democracies into the affairs of others in recent years has resulted in a civil war and usually the civil war has a religious aspect as well as a free democratic side.  Continue reading

Nuke ‘Em

As a European of greatly mixed European ethnicity I am always surprised at the ignorance of ordinary Americans when it comes to places that are outside the United States. Of course the USA is a great country, but it is not the only country nor is it the most important country, nor is it the country that has contributed the most to civilisation; no great religion started there and its contribution to philosophy has been distinctly on the lightweight side. These are not intended to criticise the USA, merely to differentiate it from other nations. Continue reading