A new eco friendly standard

It is easy to become an eco sceptic because so many firms are claiming an environmental benefit of using their products in an effort to sell more by pricking the public conscience. Until recently the epithet “eco” or “eco friendly” is used with impunity; the Advertising Standards Association is getting complaints and is ruling on whether it is honest to make a whole series of eco friendly claims.

A recent claim by Scottish & Southern Energy under scheme claimed that their tree planting program would “balance out the CO2 that your gas heating and house waste produces.” Continue reading

E.on, Hoo, Camp Action and some ideas for ways of preventing e.on from burning coal

People are allowed to protest, I think, in the United Kingdom. In China at the Olympic Games every attempt of protest is hurriedly quashed. If the protestors are foreign then I expect that they will be quietly ushered out of the country. I suspect a far worse fate will be in store for Chinese who dare to raise any indication that they believe that their Government is acting very wrongly.

Back in the United Kingdom more protestors are heading for the Hoo peninsular in Kent where “Camp Action” has been established in order to protest against Kingsnorth’s proposed new coal fired power station. Continue reading

UK Energy statistics – what they show

The official UK figures for the first three months of energy consumption and prices for 2008 have now been released. We seem to be moving in the right direction, as far as climate change is concerned, but this is due to market forces as opposed to Government policy. Continue reading