The Lehmann Chesshire Research Fund

The fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action, has announced the creation of a new research fund to honour Peter Lehmann and John Cheshire. This fund, called the Lehmann Chesshire Fund will help young academic researcher enquire into the alleviation of fuel poverty and will be administered by a committee under the chairmanship of Lord Whitty. Continue reading

Energy efficiency of homes marginally improves over a decade

There are twenty two million dwellings in the United Kingdom; the vast majority of these are houses, as opposed to flats. More than eighteen million families live in houses, according to a recently published survey by the Department of Communities and Local Government. Continue reading

Signing up to targets at Copenhagen will be meaningless

As the world’s nations prepare to negotiate at Copenhagen in December the specific negotiators will be concentrating on targets. Each major nation will have a different idea about which target is right for it, and each small nation will have more ambitious targets than each large nation.I expect that at the end of the negotiations various leaders will attend and as a result of their attendance claim credit for a deal that has saved the world because the nations of the world will have signed up to a series of targets. Hooray! Unfortunately most of targets will be Continue reading

Fuel bills and bankers bonuses

If you live in the United Kingdom and do not have any form of microgeneration, such as solar panels, you are now paying more for your household energy than ever before. Since we founded Genersys in 2000 household energy bills have risen by 88%. Gas bill have risen by 120% and electricity bills by 48% according to figures published by Ofgem, and according to Ofgem the prices will rise by another 60% in the next few years. Continue reading

National Energy Action’s plan for insulating the homes of the United Kingdom

Today in Brighton the National Energy Action Charity, a charity concerned with fuel poverty, launch their annual conference and if you are in Brighton and pop into their exhibition you will see some Genersys panels on display with some helpful Genersys staff you can answer your questions. Genersys does not make any sales through their membership of National Energy Action, but the NEA is a worthy organisation well worth supporting in their fight to alleviate the misery and hardship of people who cannot afford to keep warm and live at a decent standard, which is what fuel poverty means, rather than the somewhat formulaic concept of people who spend more than 10% of their income on fuel. Continue reading

Utility Disconnections

Times are hard and when times are hard things that we took for granted when times were good become precious desirable luxuries that we can no longer enjoy when times are hard. Continue reading

The Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes

There is a United Kingdom organisation that in its quiet way does a great deal of good work in the field of emission savings by way of educating and allowing a place where information and ideas and proposals about energy and its efficiency can be exchanged between businesses concerned with energy in some way and the government administration. That body is the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes and it is chaired by Professor John Chesshire who is both an economist and a past president of the Institute of Energy.   Continue reading