Things Will Never be the Same Again

It remains to be see whether the measures taken by nations across the world to prevent the spread of COVID 19 by the corona virus will actually work. There seems no alternative except to do nothing and the scientists tell us that doing nothing will cost many more lives than enforcing the extreme measures that are being promulgated. Mostly, the measures are not joined up because the thinking behind them is not joined up. But who really expects governments to indulge in joined up thinking in times of crisis?

Once people find that they can work from home satisfactorily then more will do so, after the panic ends. There will be less demand for offices and work places less demand for transport and more demand for fast internet that will enable us all to work from home. Some businesses will be ruined, others will prosper. Some folk will be ruined by the economic problems that lock down will bring; some ruined will die early deaths or be driven from self isolation to making their quietus.

For now, we can do more take pause and see what happens. One thing is certain, though, things will never be the same.

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    Just read the first page!

    Trump is right despite MSM sniping

  2. There is chatter online about Event201 and ID2020 being involved to Covid19.

    Regards Peter

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  3. “Coughing without due care and attention” Have the police morphed into parody ?

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